How Sterilization Keeps Consumers Safe

Without ever having to think about it, American consumers are kept safe and healthy because of sterilization. These sterilization solutions keep patients in hospitals healthy, protects over the counter and prescribed medications,  and make cosmetics safe for use.  Likewise, one of the industries that utilize our sterilization services—on which millions of lives are affected by—is the food industry.

So what exactly are the sterilization services offered to our food and commercial industry customers?  Here are just a few  examples:

  • Spices: When many types of spices such as garlic powder, black pepper, etc.— are imported into the country, they must be sterilized to properly kill any bacteria  or other harmful agents.  We send them through the sterilization process, which kills and reduces microbial counts.
  • Walnut shells and cornmeal (used for cosmetics):  Natural products such as this contain bacteria and pathogens and must be sterilized before being used in cosmetics production.
  • Pet Treats:  Dog bones and natural food ingredients contain salmonella. While this is harmless to the dogs themselves, the humans who are handling them need to be kept safe. Through sterilization, the pet treats become safe for human handling.
  • Beverage  bottles and closures: Dairy cartons, standard orange juice bottle tops and cowboy closures for soft drinks all have a high sensitivity to bacteria.  Without proper sterilization and kill steps, this can make the product unsafe or affect the beverage shelf life.

These are just some of the many examples of how the food and cosmetics we all use, stay safe through proper sterilization techniques. As experts, we will advise clients on the correct sterilization technology and  right options for their specific product, along with guidance on regulation requirements.

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