Imported Cosmetics – Cost and Quality

It is safe to say that all nationally known and well respected personal care product companies strive to insure that their cosmetics are clean and safe.  It is important for them to package their products responsibly and attractively while also keeping an eye on their budget.

Many companies look overseas (mainly to China) to order and import products. While this may seem to be trending, some of the raw materials and components test positive for bacterial and harmful metals. It is also common for visible mold to grow during transportation.

When testing for distribution, a failed test due to any of the aforementioned problems can lead to missed deadlines, let alone panic and the screeching halt of promotions and campaigns. As we head into the final few months of the year, the importance of getting things out in time for the holiday season is paramount.

Safe and effective solutions Sterigenics offers are ETO gas and gamma irradiation. Many health and beauty products can safely be irradiated, which will reduce the micro counts and eliminate the molds and yeasts that are harmful. Products such as mascara, face creams and packaging are routinely received at Sterigenics’ locations.  Within a few days time, your products can be restored for safe distribution.

Be sure to visit our website or contact us for more information.

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