Catch Me Posting Something Good

Sterigenics focuses on long-term partnerships with our customers. By thoroughly understanding our customer’s needs, we deliver the most appropriate and cost effective solutions. We are also committed to making our facilities safe and engaging places to work.

To promote both of these goals, we are happy to announce a social media campaign dedicated to honoring our customers and employees. We are going to post some results from our 2013 customer survey and snippets of an internal memo that we circulate, titled “Catch Someone Doing Something Right.” 

The customer survey will be used to promote relationships with customers and clients and hopefully address some of their concerns. We will take some of the individual questions and break down your answers into microposts across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

The “Catch” memoranda document instances where someone in our company has made the business of being in business a little easier. For instance; if an employee at our Smyrna plant rushes a customer’s order and is given feedback on the exchange, we may tweet that. For the purposes of protecting our employees, no one’s name will be used (unless, of course, you contact us and wish to be indentified).

So, follow us here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to stay up to date with what people are saying about Sterigenics and the wonderful people who make it work.

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