Sterigenics International – Dedicated to Keeping you Safe & Healthy

People love medical dramas. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and ER have spent years bringing the most sterile of rooms (the O.R.), directly into our homes and the ratings show; we can’t get enough of it!

However in these dramas, and more importantly, in real life, it’s not just the doctors and nurses that save lives. It’s also clean and sterile MEDICAL DEVICES. While this is not something that is taken into consideration often on ABC, it is definitely at the front and center of our minds.

Sterigenics International has been providing contract sterilization services for over 50 years to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. With 39 facilities across the world, we have a global reach on three continents, that is not mirrored. Customers around the world are able to take advantage of our innovative technology and expert support at locations nearby to their production and distribution facilities. Each of these facilities carries the exact same quality system, so that we can be sure that we are consistent across the board.

We also have our own lab and consulting area, where we will have our scientists work with you to determine your specific needs. We focus on long-term partnerships with our customers. And because of that, we are able to get a full understanding of your needs.
We concentrate on three particular technologies that allow us to deliver safer and smarter solutions to a myriad of products:

Ethylene Oxide Steriliziation
EO – Flexible process that can be used to sterilize most medical devices
CyclEOne – Sterilization is achieved all in chamber, no pre-treat and no aeration
Parametic Release of product to eliminate the use of Biological Indicators to increase speed of release to market

Gamma Sterilization
Cobalt 60 – Cold sterilization process. Characterized by deep penetration and low dose rates.
Effectively kills microorganisms throughout the product and its packaging with little temperature effect
Ideal for processing radiation resistant plastics of all densities

Electron Beam
Accelerated Electrons – streamed at product
Ideal Application_ low density uniform medical device sterilization
Expanding Applications – Material Modification

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