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The FDA Addresses Pet Food Safety

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing a new ruling to improve pet treats and pet food safety. The FDA has not previously had regulations for this industry. In recent years there have been reported incidences and recalls, in which … Continue reading

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How Sterilization Keeps Consumers Safe

Without ever having to think about it, American consumers are kept safe and healthy because of sterilization. These sterilization solutions keep patients in hospitals healthy, protects over the counter and prescribed medications,  and make cosmetics safe for use.  Likewise, one … Continue reading

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Sterigenics International – Dedicated to Keeping you Safe & Healthy

People love medical dramas. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and ER have spent years bringing the most sterile of rooms (the O.R.), directly into our homes and the ratings show; we can’t get enough of it! However in these … Continue reading

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